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MyTags: Powering a Greener Future

Harnessing Solar Energy for Sustainable Operations

At MyTags, we have heavily invested in solar energy systems, which on sunny days generate more than enough power for our entire production process. This not only helps us reduce our reliance on non-renewable energy sources but also demonstrates our dedication to a cleaner, greener future.

State-of-the-Art Energy Storage

Our commitment doesn't end with just generating renewable energy. We ensure that none of the energy we produce goes to waste. Our state-of-the-art battery storage system captures and stores surplus solar energy. This means even on cloudy, grey days, we are powered by the sun, further minimising our environmental impact.

Green Tariff Energy: Supporting Renewable Projects

On days where solar energy isn't enough, we don't turn to traditional power grids. Instead, we source our energy from green tariffs, which support renewable energy projects. This approach ensures that even our supplementary energy needs are met in an environmentally responsible way.

Efficient Supply Chain Management

Understanding the environmental impact of logistics, we order our raw materials in bulk. This strategy significantly reduces the number of deliveries made to us, cutting down on transportation emissions. For dispatching our products to customers, we exclusively use Royal Mail services, known for their commitment to sustainability.

Reducing Environmental Impact with Our Products

Our products are more than just items; they are tools for sustainability. By helping identify the owners of lost items, our products significantly reduce the need for repurchasing and prevent these items from ending up in landfills. This not only saves resources but also minimizes waste, contributing to a more sustainable world.

Join Us in Our Journey Towards Sustainability